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    Harp Reviews

    What fans are saying on Helen's successful YouTube channel



    "One of the top interpretations of this Bach classic."

    "This video deserves much more views."


    "Is it me, or do I hear an angel's voice as the harp echoes about?"


    "She is an angel."

    "E a dir poco splendido."


    "Hearing this, I am going to start playing the Violin once more."

    "Best version i found on youtube (from about 50 others)."


    "Bellissima, complimenti"

    "Oh my gosh... this."

    "Shed the 1st tear at 00:18."

    "My 1st was at 00:25."

    "I'm lost for words, wonderful..."

    "I adore this! I have a playlist on my iPod that consists of peaceful soothing songs that I listen to nightly. I have to add this! I had another version of this song but I find I like this one much better :)"

    "Helen, your version is so inspiring! How lovely and emotional. Thank you!"

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I reserve your services for my event? 

    A deposit is necessary to reserve the date and is non-refundable.   I will send you a contract with the details (date, time, place, cost). The signed contract is due back with your deposit.  The balance must be paid before the event.  Overtime can be arranged, depending on availability, but terms must be agreed upon before any overtime is played.

    How much do you charge?

    My rates depend on several factors including the performance length, travel time, specific dates, and type of event. Please see the Pricing page for starting rates.

    How far in advance should I book my event? 

    You may book as far in advance as possible. One year in advance is best for weddings since most occur on Saturdays and my calendar fills up quickly.  Of course, even a last minute decision for harp music is possible if the date is available.

    Can you help me choose appropriate music for my event?

    Yes. Most types of music can be played on the harp including classical, religious, popular standards and light jazz. Not all music will sound good on the harp and not all types of music are appropriate for every musical setting. I will be happy to discuss your choices with you.

    Is the harp loud enough for my event?

    My harp is an extremely resonant instrument and fills most churches. However, in a particularly large venue or outdoors, a public address system may be required to amplify the sound to your satisfaction.

    Can you play outdoors?

    Yes. however playing outdoors can severely damage the harp. Therefore, conditions must be suitable. The decision to play outside is at my discretion. Threatening weather makes it very difficult to get the harp to shelter if the skies open up. 


    Additional Questions About the Harp

    How much does the harp weigh?

    The body of the harp is hollow and much of the weight is in the bottom, where the pedals are.  It weighs under 90 pounds, but it very delicate and must be moved carefully.

    What is the purpose of the pedals on the harp?

    The harp has seven pedals. They are very different in function from the pedals on a piano. The seven pedals correspond to the seven notes in the musical alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Each pedal has three positions. When the A pedal is all the way up, all the A strings sound as A-flat. Move the pedal into the middle position, and all the A strings sound as A natural. Put the A pedal down all the way and all the A strings sound as A-sharp. The same is true for any of the other pedals; it makes the corresponding strings all sound flat, natural, or sharp. Harpists look graceful while they are playing and their feet are dancing all the time!

    Why are there different colored strings?

    The different colors are landmarks so that the harpists know where they are. All the C strings are red; all the dark strings (blue, purple, black...) are F. The rest are white. All harps have color coded strings.

    Can you play "Stairway to Heaven"?

    Why do people always ask this?  Yes, I can play it.  It’s actually very nice on harp!

    How much does a harp cost?

    Harps come in various sizes and finishes. They range in price from about $14,000 to over $20,000.

    Don't you wish you played the flute?

    Yes, but only when I’m moving the harp, not when I’m playing it. 

    How do you move the harp; what kind of car do you drive?

    I have a dolly made specifically for my harp.  I drive an SUV and the harp fits perfectly in the back.

    Is it hard to learn how to play?

    That varies from student to student, but it is easy for everyone to make a beautiful sound on the harp. You just brush your hand across the strings... and the angels sing!


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